Using Photographs

I would like to talk about the blog Gin & Lemonade and I will start with the post How To Lose A Phone in 10 Hours. It is talking about losing your phone and the stages you go through such as calling it and panic. The use of photographs in the post is pretty funny, because the image used is the image of an old phone, that is definitely not the phone the writer was talking about. It is located on the right of the post and its size covers about half of the post.

The second post that uses an image is Public Service Announcement. The post is pretty short and simple, the only thing it says is “When you don’t have peace of mine, a piece of cheesecake works, too.” At the right side of the post you can see a photo of a cheesecake, how surprising! The quote is an original quote from the writer of the blog. I really liked it.

The third post is Hemingway Lives! Apparently, the writer of the blog calles her computer Hemingway, and it the post she talks about how Hemingway needed a new keyboard. At the bottom of the post there is a photo of Hemingway’s montor, opened on a word document saying “Hello, what would you like to write today?” I’m assuming it is there to test the new keyboard.

The fourth post is Magic Coffee: So Magic It’s Not Coffee. In this post, she only posts a photo of her hot cider, and says she found a heart in it. There is a foam-heart in her cider. Very short post, but pretty cute.




September 27, 2011. Text.

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